The New HR 550 FS Wireless Handwheel

The larger the machine is, the more helpful the new HR 550 FS wireless handwheel is, since the operator can position himself very close to the working space and so keep an eye on the process at all times. The “FS” stands for Functional Safety, meaning that the handwheel corresponds to the valid requirements for safety. The HR 550 FS features the usual safety elements, such as an emergency stop button and permissive buttons, as well as axis keys in a special color and a six-line screen that displays important machine statuses, general information and the transmission field strength. If the machine operator moves out of the handwheel's range, it reacts additionally with a vibration alarm.

The wireless handwheel features five soft keys for adaptation to the machine's specific operations. The screen displays the functions, which can change for each respective step. In addition, the machine tool builder can freely assign specific functions to the six function keys featuring LED indicators. The symbols for the axis designations and the function keys can be exchanged. In the version with mechanical detent, the traverse per stop can be set.

Why a handwheel? No CNC machine should be without a handwheel. You can move the machine axes manually using the wheel or the axis direction keys to set up the workpiece. It is simply irreplaceable for probing and for setting datums.