MSE 1000 – Modular Electronics for Multipoint Inspection Apparatuses

Production-integrated measurement is one of the central demands of modern manufacturing. The quality of production must increasingly be continuously documented, which is often impossible without automating it. For this reason, electronic data acquisition is almost indispensable. Special measuring stations in the production area minimize the duration of measurement and make it possible to quickly intervene to correct the manufacturing process. Such measuring stations can be equipped with a multitude of different measuring devices or sensors to ascertain temperature, pressure, as well as inductive and analog signals.

With its modular design and different interfaces, the MSE 1000 can be adapted to various conditions of use. The individual modules permit connection of many different measuring devices with incremental, absolute and analog measurands, the output of switch signals, and communication over diverse interfaces. In all, up to 250 axes or channels can be configured. Fast communication with higher-level computers via Ethernet, outputs for controlling sorting switches, warning lamps, PLCs etc., as well as the capability of issuing measuring results for documentation and further processing complete the comprehensive range of the features on the MSE 1000.